• 7 Avenue 2-12 Zona 2, San Pedro La Laguna 07018. Guatemala
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7 Avenue 2-12 Zona 2, San Pedro La Laguna 07018. Guatemala

About Us

Sak’cari Hotelito El Amanecer

Our history began in 1996, after my father died. He left us a land at San Pedro La Laguna which he bought on 1976 and was there at the forget zone.

Since I was born at Panajachel and my family was in hotel and tourism area, as soon as I saw the land I had a vision about a little hotel, comfortable enough for everyone that loves to travel to Solola.

The construction started on 1998, and we opened to the public with 4 rooms and a huge dream, since then we were able to kept growing and became the hotel that we are now days. Providing to our customers all the guestrooms and apartments that we have now. At the same time meanwhile, the hotel was on growing and getting new rooms; we started to create our great gardens too, same ones that now are the ones that give us the lineament of eco-hotel.

In order to keep the eco line for our hotel since we believe in nature preservation, we placed some biodigesters and a treatment plant that is used to shower the gardens so we can take advantage of the treated waters and not just throw them to the lake, even though our waters will not pollute it, but we like to use and reuse them since they are really cleaned.

At the same time, we installed a solar panel system to help our mother earth, is use it on the sunny days for our own complex and if there is more energy than we need the company that distributes the energy in San Pedro La Laguna buy us that rest of energy.

Our vision is that all the people that stays in the hotel feels that is in a privilege place at an affordable price so they can enjoy their vacations and take a priceless experience.

And at last but not least, I would like to say thank you to our creator for let me evolve this dream. To all the people that has and had been working and supporting me on this path, and of course to the people that believes in us and visit us because without their support we would not be here at this moment.